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The Frappening Brews Shot

The Frappening Brews Shot

The Frappening Brews Shot


Made by Brews Bros

250ml Bottle with Concentrate

This is an iced caramel frappuccino consisting of at least 3 very different coffee blends. Will you be able to guess them? A tank full of The Frappening ensures an undeniably perfect start to the day, giving an extra boost when you’re on the go. Begin your day, The Frappening way!

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Product Information

THE FRAPPENING 250ml BREWS SHOT – MIX @ 22.5% – Steep 2 – 3 Weeks

Along with our own range, we also stock the best Flavour Shots we can find from other independent producers. This particular range of Flavour Shot concentrates comes from the excellent Brews Bros. The Brews Bros are Jake and Liam Addison. Both the brothers and the business were born in the coastal county of Lincolnshire where family loyalty, pride and determination are the mainstays of people’s characters. The boys are no exception and The Brews Bros ethos is based on quality, locally made products at affordable prices.

Pre-Mixed Option

Not really into mixing up your own batches of E-Juice? No problem! Select the Pre-Mixed option from the dropdown menu before the Add to Cart button and we’ll mix up a PG:30/VG:70 3mg batch for you. Before it’s shipped out to you, we’ll add the following to the 50ml of concentrate already in the bottle:

× 25ml PG liquid
× 133.33ml of VG liquid
× 41.67ml of VG-based 18mg Nicotine Shot (equal to 4.15 Nicotine Shot bottles)

All that’s left for you to do is let the mix steep for the amount of days specified on the bottle, then you can enjoy your perfectly blended Redem-Shot.


  • Flavour Profile
    Coffee Blend
  • Bottle Size
  • Nicotine Content

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