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Redemption Salts & Zeros

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4 x Salts Bundle

Choose Your Flavours

10mg / 20mg

Fancy picking up a few bottles from our Salts range, but like discounts too? This bundle is just for you! By purchasing as a bundle you save a bit of cash over buying three bottles individually.

Choose which delicious flavours you'd like from the options below, or if you like surprises you can let us decide! If any of your selections are out of stock we'll replace it with one of the other flavours you selected.

Bakers Delight  Salts

Salted Caramel + Lemon Drizzle Cake

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Bango Boom  Salts

Banana + Mango + Brain Freeze

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Delicious ripe banana and extra juicy mango, all mixed with a delightful hint of brain freeze. The perfect Caribbean vape with plenty of boom! This is one of our favourite juices.

Bluside Salts

Bluberry + Blackcurrant Slush

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

You might have tried going over to the Darkside, but have you been to the Bluside? A familiar flavour to those who've tasted Bluside in our other ranges, deep Blackcurrant is paired with succulent Blueberry.

Cherry Bang! Salts

Sour Cherry Ice

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Deep sweet cherry, a hit of sourness, and the unique cooling touch of our own Brain Freeze blend, be prepared for the Cherry Boom! This one's a big hitter.

Club Tropicano Salts

Strawberry + Banana + Mango

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Hit the club with this beautifully tropical fruit mix. No matter the time of year, the juicy strawberry, delicious banana and sweet mango blend will make you feel like you're in the middle of a blissful summer.

Darkside Salts

Blackcurrant + Raspberry + Brain Freeze

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Blackcurrant leads to raspberry. Raspberry leads to Brain Freeze. Together they'll lead you to the Darkside. This one's for those who like their flavours sweet and dark, with an icy touch to finish.

English Summer Salts

Summer Fruits + Dark Red Berries

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Be transported to the beautiful English countryside, enjoying a delicious picnic dessert of Summer Fruits and juicy Dark Red Berries. The summer sun might not always be shining, but it can taste like it with this perfectly fruity blend.

FIJI Salts

Strawberry + Kiwi + Watermelon

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Freshly Squeezed Salts

Blood Orange + Orange + Menthol

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Blood Orange is the undisputed champion in this mouth watering flavour, backed by mid-tone citrus sidekicks to balance out a truly awesome juice. Add on top a cooling hit of Menthol and this juice is sure to get your tastebuds tingling.

Jungalistic  Salts

Kiwi + Passion Fruit + Guava

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

King of Fruits  Salts

Sweet Mango Ice

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Lemon Pie Salts

Lemon + Sweet Pastry

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Taste the unmistakable citrusy goodness of a delicious Lemon Pie. As you'd expect of such a flavour, the sharp notes of lemon sit on top of the sweetest base, all coming together to make a refreshing but oh-so-slightly indulgent blend.

Love Bites Salts

Melon + Pineapple + Brain Freeze

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Juicy pineapple leads the flavour of this amazing juice, with subtle hints of melon and the cooling sensation of brain freeze making this a love bite to remember. Easily an all day vape that you could fall for.

Melontastic  Salts

Mixed Melons

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Naughty Nun Salts

Lemon + Anisee + Strawberry

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Naughty but nice, beautiful yet bewitching. A blend of seductive strawberry, luscious lemon and aromatic anise that will always tempt you back for more.

Paradise  Salts

Apple + Peach Ice

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Parisian Mojito Salts

Mulberry + Crushed Mint + Mojito

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

The mojito is an untouchable classic, but we decided it could do with and extra touch of mulberry. The result takes that classic to another level.

Polar Bear Salts

Mint + Menthol + Brain Freeze

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

We make plenty of flavour profiles that offer a cool and refreshing hit, but this particular blend takes it to another level. Feel as cool as a polar bear's ice cubes sitting on a glacier.

Purple Pain Salts

Blackcurrent + Black Berry + Black Jack

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

No guessing who the hero is in this juice, as it packs an unquestionable black current punch. Factor in Blackberry, and the unmistakable anise and liquorice undertones of black jack, and you get this deliciously dark blend.

Sherbet Trip Salts

Sicilian Lemon + Sherbet 

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Take a trip back, to the days when summer lasted forever, enjoying the super satisfying sharpness of Sherbet from your favourite sweet shop. The fresh citrus of Sicilian Lemon and unmistakable Sherbet will leave you reminiscing with a smile on your face.

The Drummer Salts

Rhubarb + Custard + Drumstix

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Tobago Crumb Salts

Tobacco + Cream + Vanilla + Biscuit

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Sometimes you just want a hit of that classic scent and satisfying flavour, but you fancy eating a sweet buttery biscuit too. Why not both? This combo is both sophisticated and indulgent

Wicked Waves Salts

Berries + Lemon + Menthol

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg

Wickedly sweet and surprisingly exhilarating, you'll be swept along by the invigorating Wicked Waves. Berries fill the middle with a sweet touch, whilst lemon provides a light citrus high and menthol leaves a lasting fresh hit.

You Donut! Salts

Blueberry + Frosted Donut

0mg / 5mg /10mg / 20mg