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Cherry Boom!

Cherry + Sour + Brain Freeze

250ml bottle with 50ml Concentrate

Deep sweet cherry, a hit of sourness, and the unique cooling touch of our own Brain Freeze blend, be prepared for the Cherry Boom! This one's a big hitter.


Blackcurrant + Raspberry + Brain Freeze

250ml bottle with 40ml Concentrate

Blackcurrant leads to raspberry. Raspberry leads to Brain Freeze. Together they'll lead you to the Darkside. This one's for those who like their flavours sweet and dark, with an icy touch to finish.

English Summer

Summer Fruits + Dark Red Berries

250ml bottle with 46.25ml Concentrate

Be transported to the beautiful English countryside, enjoying a delicious picnic dessert of Summer Fruits and juicy Dark Red Berries. The summer sun might not always be shining, but it can taste like it with this perfectly fruity Redem-Shot.

Exotic Detox

Cucumber + Pineapple + Mango + Mint

250ml bottle with 40ml Concentrate

Need something light after a big night? A detox is in order, and it's never tasted so good. Be refreshed by the clean cucumber, lifted by the fruity pineapple and mango, and the final dash of mint will leave you feeling invigorated.


Lemon + Lime + Meringue Pie

250ml bottle with 47.5ml Concentrate

Citrusy, sweet and tart. This appetising concentrate delivers exactly what you'd want from a freshly baked lemon and lime meringue pie. Made for those with a sweet tooth and a taste for something refreshingly sharp.

Polar Bear

Mint + Menthol + Brain Freeze

250ml bottle with 31.87ml Concentrate

We make plenty of flavour profiles that offer a cool and refreshing hit, but this particular blend takes it to another level. Feel as cool as a polar bear's ice cubes sitting on a glacier.

Scrumpy Toff

Toffee Apple + Cider

250ml bottle with 50ml Concentrate

Our popular pre-mixed juice is now available as a Redem-Shot concentrate! Get carried away to Somerset, the home of scrumpy. An unmistakable taste of cider, joined by the sweet sticky toffee apple, creates one of our most distinct and enjoyable flavours yet.

The Dungeon

Red Berries + Anise + Menthol

250ml bottle with 40ml Concentrate

Delve down to somewhere that's deep, dark and cool but oh so sweet. Succulent berries mingle with the unmistakable notes of anise, and are joined by a cooling menthol breeze. This distinctive blend is one for those with a taste for something more sophisticated, and just a little wicked.

The Naughty Nun

Strawberry + Lemon + Anise

250ml bottle with 45ml Concentrate

Naughty but nice, beautiful yet bewitching. A blend of seductive strawberry, luscious lemon and aromatic anise that will always tempt you back for more.


Our exclusive range of Flavour Concentrates, designed for DIY mixing.

We know a lot of you out there prefer to mix up your own batches, so Redemption Vape have created each an every one of these flavours liquids specifically for creating your own perfect blend of E-Juice. They all come supplied in 250ml bottles ready to be mixed with the right balance of VG and PG based liquids, and we've carefully prepared a mixing guide for each one so you know exactly how to get the best from each bottle.