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Who we are and what we do


Redeeming your senses one flavour profile at a time

This is Redemption Vape

Based on Britain's east coast, just a stone's throw from the Lincolnshire seaside, we at Redemption Vape have a passion for producing and supplying the highest quality E-Juice and Vape products. We are driven by a goal to create the best products we can with the most memorable and delicious flavour profiles possible.



Infused with Passion

At Redemption Vape we have a kind of mantra that doubles as our goal: Redeem Your Senses. With our range of E-Juices and Concentrates we aim to give people an opportunity to rediscover their sense of taste and smell. Vaping shouldn't become just a habit. We want our customers to enjoy the moment they take to use our products, to savour every distinct layer of each flavour profile, to relish the beautiful scents that fill the air.

Our E-Juices and Concentrates are produced with the utmost care and attention, and to complement them we've sourced the best PG/VG and Nicotine products. 


Redeem Your Senses

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Beyond Products

But it doesn't end with our products. We also care deeply about the people and culture that surrounds the vape world, and are already hard at work forming and supporting a friendly and welcoming community where everyone can share the satisfaction and joy of vape. We are always in contact with our customers and the members of the Redemption Vape Facebook group, getting their honest opinions about our products and generally chilling out with like-minded people.

We also love to throw regular competitions to give back to the community and get the Redemption Vape name out into the world. Hit up our Facebook group page to get involved.


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Get involved and post your best vape shots with the hashtag #REDEEMYOURSENSES for a chance to get featured!

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