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Manufacturer & producer of premium E-Liquid Catering for the DIY & ready-to-vape market

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Shortfill E-Juices

We create and stock our own unique range of Redemption Vape E-Juice, manufactured in the UK and developed with only the best ingredients. Whether you're looking for something light, sweet, indulgent or refreshing, we have a flavour for all tastes.

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Concentrates designed for DIY mixing, including our exclusive Redem-Shots.

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Give your juice a nicotine hit. Large volume B2B bottles coming soon.

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Salts E-Juice

Try out our Salts 10ml e-juice range, with its own unique selection of deliciously tempting flavours, and a smooth and satisfying hit that only nicotine salts can provide. These TPD complaint e-juices are convenient and ready to go in both 10mg and 20mg strengths.

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VG and PG

VG and PG

The best quality VG and PG liquids, a perfect parter for our Redem-shots.

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Look awesome and represent with our Redemption Vape branded apparel.

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Latest Products

Yummy Gummy Salts

Sweet Gummy Candy

10mg / 20mg

Take a trip to the candy shop, and enjoy the mouth watering sugary goodness of chewy, gummy candy. We're sure the dentist won't mind you enjoying this kind of candy treat as many times as you fancy.

Tobago Crumb Salts

Creamy Tobacco + Biscuit

10mg / 20mg

Sometimes you just want a hit of that classic scent and satisfying flavour, but you fancy eating a sweet buttery biscuit too. Why not have both? This combo is both sophisticated and indulgent.

Randy Candy Salts

Raspberry + Blackcurrant Sweet + Mint

10mg / 20mg

Everyone loves sweets, so we're sure you'll love this fruity blend. The touch of mint lifts the sugary sweet mix of berries to whole new levels. It's like candy, but for grownups.

Parisian Mojito Salts

Classic Mojito + Mulberry

10mg / 20mg

The mojito is an untouchable classic, but we decided it could do with an extra little touch of mulberry. The result is how a Parisian might say, trop délicieux.


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producers and suppliers of e-juice and diy mixing kits

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